Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The grass isn't always greener

Where would one start on this subject after all those years?  How would I remember?  I know I would of went on to college ( I didn't).  I would definitely had lived more life before I got married.  I married at barely 20 years old.  I have three wonderful daughters that I would not change.   But I do think had I gotten married later in life I wouldn't of thought I was missing something.  You know "the grass is always greener" It's not always greener I know that now. My parents weren't ones to even talk about college but is that the reason.  I really don't remember my friends talking about college.
 Although I did receive an excellent education at Morton East.  I learned how to cut class.  The various ways one could swear.  Drinking wine usually "Boons Farm"  or Beer.  As fast as I could.  Not blaming anyone for my lack of interest in school my only goal was to graduate in four years.  Now that was considered an accomplishment.  By the way, the people I met in school I wouldn't of changed for anything.  All of us came from working class families.  We were very loyal to each other.  I feel as through there is a bond.  It's like if you were from Cicero or Berwyn (I lived one block away from having to go to Morton West).   We were bonded.  Sure there were plenty of girls that were always the "bitches".  That being said I wonder how everyone faired until now?

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